About Us

Sierra Nevada Mountains California

At Renlicon, we believe getting into nature isn’t about getting away from life, it’s about getting back to what’s important in life.

It's about slowing things down and beginning to move at the speed of nature.

Nestled in Northern California between the grandeur of the Sierra Nevada Mountains and the sweeping Coastal Range, Renlicon was born out of a love for the great outdoors.  With a spirit of innovation and adventure, three generations of Renlicon families have been pressing deeper and deeper into the back country, long before we learned the term overlanding.

In the core of who we are at Renlicon, we are on a quest to simplify the “how” of things, and make the journeys you take go farther and last longer.  

We believe that diving into overlanding should be all about maximizing fun and minimizing frustration, whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned adventurer. 

We thrive on a simple yet impactful process: listen, learn, and innovate. By understanding the hurdles you face outdoors, we craft products designed to overcome these challenges. This hands-on feedback loop with our customers ensures that we’re not just innovating for the sake of it, but providing practical, enjoyable solutions for your adventures.

We’re committed to innovation that matters, guided by a genuine desire to create products that not only meet your expectations but also ignite your passion for adventure.

Our Gear Is Designed To

1. Make your overlanding adventures seamless.

2. Make your overlanding adventure more fun.

3. Make your gear setup a point of pride.

Welcome to Overlanding with Renlicon®
—where beginning is just the start.

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Built To Last

Renlicon made products are designed for durability, ensuring their first overlanding adventure won't be their last.

Innovations for Adventure

We're committed to the relentless innovation and careful sourcing of overlanding gear, driven by adventures' real-world experiences.

Simplify Your Travel

Designed with portability, simplicity, and convenience in mind, our products ensure each mile is as enjoyable as the destination itself.