Gear Up & Go.

Stop Overthinking. Start Overlanding.

Quality overlanding camping gear designed for beginners that's durable, portable, and simple to use.

Begin Your Adventures With The Basics

Simplify your approach and maximize your enjoyment by focusing on the essentials.

With the wide range of overlanding camping gear out there, it can be hard to tell what's truly necessary vs. optional.

By focusing on the essentials, you make sure you're fully prepared for a successful off-roading adventure.

Ready to streamline your gear?


Essential Categories for Overlanding

Simplify your preparation by understanding the seven core categories of overlanding gear. 

These seven ensure you can confidently gear up for your overlanding adventure, starting right from the basics.

Streamline Your Overlanding Setup

What Overlanders Are Saying

Excellent Fire Box

"I’ve been shopping for a portable/folding/ collapsible/firebox for the past two years, this is the ticket, it projects heat out towards the sides rather than all straight up, a warming benefit. The portability is spectacular, metal thickness is just right, this box should last decades."

Portable Fire Pit


Storage Solution

"The perfect solution for storage. Lightweight, multiple compartments and won’t let your gear slide around in the back of your truck."

Out-In-About Box™

Michael S.

The Perfect Overlanding Firepit

"The perfect overlanding firepit. This is one of the most clever fire pit designs for overlanding adventure seekers. It's portable, collapsable and well-made. The Renlicon is a 5-piece fire-pit that can fit anywhere and go anywhere. Even comes with a carrying strap."

Portable Fire Pit


What We Believe

At Renlicon, we believe getting into nature isn’t about getting away from life, it’s about getting back to what’s important in life. It's about slowing things down and beginning to move at the speed of nature.

Overlanding – the journey to new and unexplored destinations.  Sometimes we journey alone, getting far enough away for city lights to fade and the vast night sky to become our contemplation. Sometimes we set out with family or friends, seeking a destination where being together becomes the focus, leaving life’s hurriedness and interruptions behind.

Built To Last

Renlicon made products are designed for durability, ensuring their first overlanding adventure won't be their last.

Innovations for Adventure

We're committed to the relentless innovation and careful sourcing of overlanding gear, driven by adventurers' real-world experiences.

Simplify Your Travel

Designed with portability, simplicity, and convenience in mind, our products ensure that each mile is as enjoyable as the destination itself.

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Follow us for tips and tricks, new product releases, and a deeper exploration into the world of overlanding.

Share Your Overlanding Adventure #RenliconOutdoor

Follow us for tips and tricks, new product releases, and a deeper exploration into the world of overlanding.