Summer Family Camping: Tips to Get the Kids Off Screens and Into Nature

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Summer Family Camping: Tips to Get the Kids Off Screens and Into Nature

In today's digital age, tearing kids away from their screens is becoming increasingly challenging. A summer family camping trip provides the perfect opportunity to reconnect with nature and create lasting memories. But how do you get kids to put down the screens without causing them to resent you?  

There are a number of activities and strategies that parents and grandparents are employing in the context of camping to share the beauty of America’s outdoors with this generation. Read on below for the parental playbook on getting the kids off the grid for your next outdoor adventure!

Whether you’re a grandparent, a parent, or an honorary uncle or auntie, these tips will give you some inspiration for getting the whole family involved in the next outdoor adventure!

Involve Them in the Planning Process

To pique your kids' interest in the camping trip, involve them in the planning process right from the beginning. Let them choose the campsite, participate in meal planning, and have a say in selecting outdoor activities. When children feel a sense of ownership and contribution, they are more likely to engage wholeheartedly in the experience.

Create an Exciting Itinerary

Design an itinerary that combines outdoor activities, adventure, and fun. Research the campsite and the surrounding area to identify exciting hikes, swimming spots, wildlife-watching opportunities, and other attractions. Be sure to include a mix of activities that cater to your children's different interests and abilities. Though you’ll probably want to retain some relaxation time for yourself, make sure you show the kids that spending time outdoors can be a nuanced and exciting experience. 

Embrace Nature Education

Transform your camping trip into an educational experience by teaching your children about the environment, wildlife, and the importance of conservation. Encourage them to observe and identify plants and animals they encounter. Bring along field guides, nature-themed books, or educational apps to enhance their learning. Consider visiting nature centers or attending ranger-led programs at the campsite to provide additional learning opportunities. While education might not be the most exciting concept for children, they’ll become passionate about things they see you get excited about. Share a passion for nature with the young people in your life, and pass on the things you care about most!

Plan Interactive Outdoor Games and Challenges

Engage your kids with interactive outdoor games and challenges that encourage them to explore their surroundings. Everybody loves a little competition! Nature scavenger hunts, geocaching, or building natural forts can ignite their curiosity and foster teamwork. These activities not only keep them physically active but also spark their imagination and help them connect with the natural environment.

Set Screen Time Limits

Establish clear boundaries for screen time during the camping trip. Perhaps you even agree to go without them entirely (except for emergencies, of course)! Encourage a technology-free environment during certain hours of the day or designate specific areas where screens are not allowed. Emphasize the importance of being present, in the moment, and enjoying the beauty and serenity of nature.

Provide More Tangible Gaming Options

Offer alternative activities to captivate your children's attention and keep them entertained. Bring along board games, cards, art supplies, or sports equipment that can be enjoyed in an outdoor setting. Engaging in these activities together as a family promotes bonding and creates lasting memories.

Capture Memories with Photography

Encourage your children to document their camping experiences through photography. Provide them with disposable cameras or allow them to use your smartphone (with supervision) to capture the beauty of nature. This not only keeps them engaged but also nurtures their creativity and helps them appreciate the natural world from a different perspective.

Lead by Example

As a parent, your enthusiasm and active participation will inspire your children to embrace the outdoor adventure wholeheartedly. Show genuine excitement about exploring nature, share interesting facts, and be open to trying new activities. Your positive attitude and energy will influence your children and make the camping trip more enjoyable for everyone.

 A summer family camping trip is an excellent opportunity to disconnect from the digital world and reconnect with nature and your loved ones. By involving your children in the planning process, creating an exciting itinerary, and providing engaging alternatives to screen time, you can encourage them to embrace the wonders of the great outdoors. Remember to lead by example so you can help nurture a love for nature that will stay with them for years to come.

So pack up your camping gear, leave the screens behind, and embark on an unforgettable adventure that will create lasting memories and foster a deep appreciation for the natural world. Happy camping!

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