Should You Own, Rent or Borrow Camping Equipment?

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Should You Own, Rent or Borrow Camping Equipment?

If you’re planning a camping trip, the first thing you need to get is camping gear. The right equipment makes camping more enjoyable and comfortable. If it's your first camping trip, you might be heading to your local store to buy the basics. However, do you know there are other options too? Besides purchasing your camping gear, you can also rent or borrow it from someone or a company. Deciding whether to buy, rent, or borrow camping gear can be challenging. If you’re torn between the three, read on. We'll first outline the pros and cons of buying, renting, and borrowing camping gear.

Pros Of Owning Camping Equipment

  • You can use your camping gear as often as you like. If you plan to make several camping trips, then you’ll have your gear to take camping whenever and wherever you go.
  • You have the freedom to select your equipment, so can get exactly what you want in terms of color, brand, functionality, etc.
  • You can purchase equipment overtime so have a variety of options to bring with you on your trip, such as trekking poles, sleeping bags, air mattress, lantern, waterproof backpack etc.

Cons Of Owning Camping Equipment

  • Cost is the biggest con when it comes to owning camping gear. It can be expensive to buy though this depends on what you need to purchase. Camping equipment is not cheap because there are things that you require to purchase for your gear to be complete. 
  • With your camping gear, you’ll be required to look for a space to store these items in your home or apartment. Storage could come at an additional cost. Some apartments or homes are small to accommodate the items requiring you to rent a storage storeroom.
  • Owning camping gear requires maintenance of the items, which also comes with additional cost.

Pros Of Renting Camping Equipment

  • Renting camping gear saves a lot of money that you would have spent on purchasing an expensive tent and other camping items. In addition, you can rent camping gear depending on the days you will camp. You will save a lot of money.
  • Renting gear saves so much of your space. You can rent camping gear and return the items without bringing them to your house.
  • You can rent something of a higher quality than what you cannot afford to purchase.
  • Renting is ideal if you are new to camping or don’t go camping often. You can try out renting first and see if you would like to continue renting or having your own.

Cons Of Renting Camping Equipment

  • You have a limited variety when renting camping equipment. There can be fewer things to rent from a camping store and while they may be functional, they aren’t always in the best shape.
  • You’re unfamiliar with the type or brand of equipment which may require a learning curve to use the items.
  • The flexibility of using the camping gear is limited because you can’t use it any way you want.  Many stores or people renting the equipment usually limit how you can use the items.
  • You can’t extend your trip even if you would like to do so since rented equipment must be returned at a specific time and place.
  • You get what’s available at the rental store at that time
  • Most rental stores only have a limited variety to choose from. Many may only provide the basics items such as tents, coolers, and camping cooking gear.
  • Some rental companies can increase the prices during peak times since they know people will go outdoors in the warmer months.

Pros Of Borrowing Camping Equipment

  • It saves a lot of money that you would have spent on buying your own.
  • It allows you to test out gear before buying your own.
  • It makes the most sense if you camp very infrequently.

Cons Of Borrowing Camping Equipment

  • The owner might not be willing to give out camping equipment again after you have borrowed it the first time. In addition, some friends might get annoyed if you keep borrowing their items.
  • You borrow the essential items only (tent, cook sets, sleeping bags) since you can’t borrow many things from one person.

Keeping Your Equipment Organized

Whether owned, rented, or borrowed, you’ll need a way to store the camping gear and keep it organized so it’s returned in good shape. Storage containers are essential for keeping your items safe and clean.

The Out-In-About Box™ is the perfect storage solution for anyone who needs a portable and organized space to store camping equipment that they can use from year to year. The box is made of aluminum with rubber grip handles that make the box easy to carry. It’s easily assembled, and it comes with

If you are financially stable and have storage space for your camping gear, buying can be the best decision. This allows you to pack up your camping gear quickly and go anytime you want. The equipment is yours, and you’ll take care of it well. However, if it’s your first time camping, or your space is limited, renting or borrowing would be best for you.

Whether owned, rented or borrowed, when preparing your camping equipment, you want to maximize your space and minimize the time it takes you to pack. Download our free Essential Camping Checklist so you’re organized and ready when you reach the campsite, making your outdoor camping adventure easy, fun, and memorable. 


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