Quick Guide to Planning a Camping Trip This Year

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Quick Guide to Planning a Camping Trip This Year

Planning a camping trip can be an exciting and rewarding experience, but it's important to be well-prepared with the right knowledge and camping equipment to have a safe and enjoyable trip. Whether you’re wanting to try out some of the new camping trends on the horizon, or you have a designated spot you visit every year, we’re here to give you some steps you can follow to help plan a successful camping trip.

1. Determine Your Destination

Decide where you want to go camping and what type of camping experience you want to have (e.g., backpacking, car camping, RV camping).

2. Make Reservations

If you plan to camp at a campground, make sure to book your campsite in advance. Many campgrounds require reservations, especially during peak season.

3. Pack The Necessary Gear

Make a list of all the camping equipment you'll need for your trip, including a tent, sleeping bag, cooking equipment, and clothing. Make sure to pack plenty of water and food, as well as a first aid kit and any other essentials.

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4. Plan Your Meals

Think about what you'll eat while camping and bring enough food to last the entire trip. Consider packing non-perishable items and packing a cooler with ice to keep perishable items fresh.

5. Consider Your Transportation

Think about how you'll get to your campsite and whether you'll need to rent any camping equipment (e.g., a tent, car, RV, etc).

6. Prepare For The Weather

Check the forecast for your destination and pack accordingly. Bring warm clothing and rain gear if there's a chance of inclement weather.

7. Review Camping And Wilderness Safety Guidelines

Familiarize yourself with basic camping and wilderness safety guidelines, such as how to properly store food and how to handle wild animals.


By following these steps and being well-prepared, you can have a memorable and secure camping trip.

How Do I Choose A Campsite?

There are many great places to go camping, and the best destination will depend on your personal preferences and what you're looking for in a camping trip. Some factors to consider when choosing a campsite include:

  • Location: Do you want to camp in a specific region or area of the country? Or are you open to traveling to different locations?
  • Type of camping: Do you want to go backpacking, car camping, or RV camping? Different campsites and destinations may be better suited for different types of camping.
  • Amenities: Do you want a campsite with amenities like bathrooms, showers, and electric hookups, or are you looking for a more rustic camping experience?
  • Activities: What activities do you want to do while camping? Some campsites may offer a variety of activities, such as hiking, fishing, and boating, while others may be more focused on relaxation.
  • Cost: How much are you willing to spend on your camping trip? Campsites can vary widely in terms of cost, and you’ll also need the right camping equipment for your campsite, so it's important to consider your budget when choosing a destination.

By considering these factors, you can narrow down your options and find a campsite that meets your needs and preferences.

When Should I Make A Campsite Reservation?

It's a good idea to make a campsite reservation as soon as you know your travel dates and have a specific campsite in mind. Many popular campsites, especially in national and state parks, fill up quickly during peak season, so it's best to book in advance to ensure that you get the campsite you want.

If you're planning a trip during peak season (usually June through August), it's a good idea to make your reservation at least a few months in advance. For off-peak seasons, you may be able to get away with making a reservation a few weeks in advance.

Keep in mind that some campsites may have different reservation policies and may require a deposit or minimum stay. It's a good idea to check the campsite's website or contact them directly to get more information about their reservation policies.

What Are The Camping Trends For 2023?

Campspot released its Top 10 Outdoor Travel and Camping Trends for 2023. Among the top 5 trends highlighted are: campers wanting to become more adventurous outdoor cooks; craving new places to explore; younger people aged 18-24 are wanting to spend more time outdoors; people want to camp more often; and the national and state parks tourism surge will continue. [Read full report here].

Whether you're looking for a rustic backpacking trip or a comfortable stay at a campground with amenities, there are plenty of great destinations to choose from. By considering your personal preferences, doing some research, and packing the right camping equipment, you can plan the perfect outdoor adventure for your needs.