Must-Have Camping Equipment for Your Festival Campsite

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Must-Have Camping Equipment for Your Festival Campsite

Assembling a temporary home with a tent for several days is an integral part of the festival campsite experience. Setting up your camp right can leave memorable memories or ones you can desire to forget completely. Find out how to prepare for camping at a festival and the essential camping gear to carry.

Find a Flat Location

First, find a flat place clear of bumps and lumps that can damage the tent or make your sleep uncomfortable. Arriving at the festival as early will help to pick and choose the best place to set up your tent, or else you can end up with less desirable locations.

Camping Festival Tent

A tent is a must-have for anyone who loves to have time out with a crowd for days. You really just need  basic tent camping equipment since you’ll be out and about enjoying the festivities the majority of the time. Festivals are full of activities happening all around you. Spending a fortune on a tent isn’t a good idea. Instead, carry one that won’t make you feel disappointed if it gets damaged.

Cooking Essentials

Cooking is often disregarded during festival camping. However, cook your own food can help save you from being overcharged by the high-priced food trucks.

Carry a portable stove if you want to eat more than just sandwiches. While some camping equipment to bring is obvious (plates, forks, and knives), you'll also want to bring a spoon, spatula, and a pan.

You should also bring your basic dishwashing items for cleaning up dishes. Make sure to conserve water as much as possible because it’s limited. Scrubbing with baking soda can help a lot.

It's essential to double-check what's allowed for cooking equipment. Some places are strict on the type of appliances you can use, so make sure you adhere to local rules or risk having them taken away.

Sleeping Essentials

Summer nights can lead to chilly nights, so it's important to consider packing sleeping essentials. Getting decent and comfortable sleep each night is an excellent way of enjoying days of intense walking, dancing, and partying.

A sleeping bag, camping mattress, air mattress, or sleeping pad (or any combination) are must-have items to have on your festival camping checklist. The camping equipment for comfortable sleep benefits your body and helps you recharge for the next day.

Large Cooler

Staying hydrated and cool during the summer can be hard. Keep some items in a cooler to provide immediate relief during the festival. Keep a cooling neck towel, baby wipes, a spray bottle of water, and eucalyptus oil in the cooler.

Spraying your face and wiping with cool wipes will make you feel amazing after being in the sun for hours. Ice bags are also good to have or worth purchasing at the festival so you always have a couple on hand to keep your drinks cold.

Camping Storage Box

Storage boxes are a game changer at a festival, handy for storing your camping essentials and everything in between. If the weather changes unexpectedly, throw your essentials in storage containers and enjoy the convenience of staying organized.

That’s where the Out-In-About Box™ comes in handy. The Out-In-About Box™ is a box-shaped storage container that provides quick organizing and is easy to carry because it’s made with rubberized handles.

The best thing about this stainless aluminum design storage box is that its assembly is easy and it doubles as a table in your camp kitchen. This storage box works perfectly during camping and other outdoor activities.

A Daypack

Water, sunscreen, snacks, first aid kit, and more are must-haves during a festival day, since going back and forth between your tent and the festival venue can be very difficult. Carry a small daypack to make sure you have all the necessities and help you get around easily so you can enjoy the whole event.

Sanitary Wipes

Is it worth standing in the bathroom lines (which could be long) just to wash your hands and feet? If you've camped out before, then you understand how nasty it can be. Pack sanitary wipes, either a pack of wet ones or a box of baby wipes, so you don't fail to watch your favorite band just because you have to run to a distant and crowded community tap to clean up.


Cameras, speakers, and flashlights are important during a festival camping trip. Carry enough batteries to power them; otherwise, you will get stuck. Also, bring any accessories you think might be necessary or useful, just in case.

Some of the best camping memories can be made at a summer festival. Making sure you have the essential camping equipment you need and keeping it organized will help you enjoy every second.

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