How to Enjoy Camping, Even if You Think You Hate It

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How to Enjoy Camping, Even if You Think You Hate It

Camping is a great way to get outside, connect with nature, and spend quality time with friends and family. However, for some people, the thought of camping brings up feelings of discomfort and inconvenience. If you fall into this category, you may be surprised to learn that camping doesn't have to be a dreaded experience. With a little bit of preparation, the right camping gear and mindset, you can learn to love camping.

1. Choose the Right Type of Camping

Not everyone is familiar with the different types of camping available. Camping can take many forms, and you can always find the one that best suits your preferences and comfort level, whether it's glamping, car camping, backpacking or even RV camping.

If you're new to camping or just looking for something different, it's important to understand the options available to you.


Glamping, short for "glamorous camping," is a luxury version of camping that combines the experience of being in nature with the comfort of a hotel room. Glamping accommodations typically include comfortable beds, private bathrooms, and other amenities such as air conditioning, electricity, and Wi-Fi. Glamping tents, cabins, yurts, and tree houses are some examples of the kind of accommodation you can expect.

Car Camping

Car camping is a type of camping where you drive to a campsite and park your car next to your tent. It's a great option for people who want the convenience of having their car nearby, as it allows them to easily transport camping gear and supplies to and from the campsite.

Car camping typically involves setting up camp in a designated campsite with amenities such as fire rings, picnic tables, and restrooms.


Backpacking is a type of camping where you carry all your camping gear on your back and hike to a remote campsite. This type of camping is usually more rugged and requires more physical exertion than car camping, but it allows you to explore remote and beautiful wilderness areas.

Backpacking gear includes a backpack, tent, sleeping bag, and other essentials that are lightweight and easy to carry.

RV Camping

RV camping is a type of camping where you bring your home on wheels to the campsite. It allows you to have all the comforts of home while enjoying the great outdoors. RVs come in various sizes and types, from small vans to large motorhomes.

RV camping typically involves staying in designated RV campsites with amenities such as water, electricity, and sewage hookups.

2.  Start Small

Starting with a small and easy trip is a great way to ease into camping. Try going camping for just one night somewhere nearby. This allows you to test out your camping gear and see what you're comfortable with. It also gives you a chance to gain confidence and experience before heading out on a longer and more challenging trip.

3.  Choose the Right Campsite

Location is key when it comes to camping. Look for a campsite that has amenities that you're looking for, such as designated tent or RV spots, showers, toilets, and fire rings. If you're concerned about privacy, look for a campsite that is more secluded.

4.  Make Sure You Have the Right Camping Gear

Having the right gear is essential for a comfortable camping experience. Invest in a good quality tent, sleeping bag, and pad. Make sure you have a comfortable camping chair and a good quality camping stove. Don't forget to pack bug spray and other essentials.

5.  Plan Ahead

Planning can help make your camping experience more enjoyable and less stressful. Decide on meals, make a list of camping gear, organize your camp kitchen, and figure out what activities you want to do. This will help you to be prepared and make the most of your trip.

Camping doesn't have to be a dreaded experience. With a little bit of preparation, relevant camping gear, and the right approach, you can learn to love camping. So, don't be afraid to give it a try!

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6.  Embrace the Experience

Camping is about getting away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and connecting with nature, family, and friends. Embrace this experience and try to let go of your worries and discomfort.

Take a hike, go fishing, kayaking or paddleboarding, or simply sit by the campfire and enjoy the tranquility of the great outdoors. In the evening, stargaze, tell stories around the campfire, or play games. This will help you to appreciate the beauty of nature and make the most of your camping experience.