Essential Camping Cooking Gear to Use Over a Campfire

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Essential Camping Cooking Gear to Use Over a Campfire

Camping, cooking, and campfires are favorite outdoor activities for many people. However, the experience of cooking over a campfire is distinct from other types of food preparation at the campsite. Campfire cooking is both easy and fun, but there are some essentials you’ll need to bring. Without them, your meal will likely be less than successful.

Some cooking gear might seem optional but can help make cooking over a campfire much more manageable. Everyone wants to have the best experience, so follow along and get to know the most essential cooking gear to use in your camping kitchen.

Cast Iron Skillet

A cast-iron skillet is among the first essentials of campfire cooking equipment. It’s durable and endures high temperatures. You can also use it directly on or to the side of hot wood coals. A cast iron skillet can prepare just about any meal.

Camping Dutch Oven

You’ll enjoy using a Dutch oven for cooking over a campfire. Its qualities are like a cast iron skillet but more versatile. It’s a skillet, oven, and slow cooker, all rolled into one, making it the perfect piece of cooking equipment for your next camping trip.

Campfire Tripod

Campfire tripods help position kettles and ovens at the perfect height above a campfire. This allows you to cook the simmering stew with ease. Some are made from cast iron, while others are steel or aluminum. Some campfire tripods are higher than others and come with adjustable legs to modify the chain’s height over the fire.

Campfire Cookware

In addition to a skillet and/or Dutch oven, other cookware that’s good to have on-hand are a grill cooking surface, frying pan, large pot, and a small pot. If you’re concerned about weight, you can get a set of campfire cookware lighter than cast iron, such as a stainless steel or aluminum camping mess kit, that offers different size options.

Campfire Sticks and Forks 

Campfire forks and sticks are not something to forget for campfires. They work best when it comes to roasting smoked sausages or hot dogs. They’re available in a wide variety – plain forks, wooden-handles, telescoping handles, and glow-in-the-dark handles. Some even have handy carrying cases for storing them in. Ensure you have cleaned them well before storing them.

Camping Tableware

A lot of people tend to use paper products during camping. However, you can get yourself a set of functional camping tableware for an eco-friendlier alternative to filling up the campgrounds’ garbage can or hauling your garbage home with you.

Grill Gloves

Your hands can easily burn while cooking over a campfire and holding skillets and hot pans. Consider buying suede gloves to protect your hands and cover your arms against high campfire temperatures.

Eighteen-inch grilling gloves are perfect since they’ll protect your whole arm up to 475 degrees F. To find a quality pair, ensure that you have checked the glove's material. It should be soft and flexible to allow you to grab onto your cooking tools firmly.

Locking Tongs

Every camp cook requires a set of 16-inch locking tongs. They give you the necessary distance from the hot coals to prevent your hands from burning. Locking tongs also grip well, so there’s no need to worry about accidentally dropping your delicious steaks on the fire. Use tongs to take food directly from the fire, and to use on hot grills too.

Stainless Steel Wire Grill Brush

Cooking food over a campfire requires using the right wood. For example, cooking over mesquite or oak fire will enhance the flavor of your food. Using a wire grill brush is a great way to clean your campfire grill and ensure the grates are free from grease and old food.

Aluminum Foil

Aluminum foil can be wrapped around food to cook in the coals or used to make an instant lid for any pan, pot, or container.

Remember Storage Bins

Camping gear is usually bulky and takes up a lot of space which can be difficult to manage. This is where a storage container comes in handy.

Consider having the Out-In-About Box™ storage container for your camp kitchen and other accessories. This storage container is perfect for storing camping accessories. It fulfills many organizing purposes and protects your belongings from dirt and dust when camping.

The Out-In-About Box™ has rubberized handles for easy carrying and is box-shaped for quick organizing. The best thing about it is that the assembly process is simple because it includes easy-to-understand instructions.

Campfire cooking is a hobby that many enjoy during camping, and it makes memorable meals. First, ensure you have the essential cooking gear to use over a campfire. Then, let your campfire kitchen bring the entire feast to your campsite.

When preparing your camping cooking gear, you want to maximize your space and minimize the time it takes you to pack. Download our free Essential Camping Checklist so you’re organized and ready when you reach the campsite, making your outdoor camping adventure easy, fun, and memorable. 


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