5 Twists On The Campfire Hot Chocolate

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5 Twists On The Campfire Hot Chocolate

This time of year, nothing is better than a little hot cocoa around a warm campfire. But why bore your friends and family with the same old, pre-mixed packages? Below, you’ll find 5 creative yet simple campfire hot chocolate recipes that will add a little flavor to your next overnight trip! Liven up your favorite winter beverage up a little with these five ingenious campfire hot chocolate twists. 

1. Spice Would Be Nice

Enhance your hot chocolate by adding a dash of cinnamon or a hint of ground nutmeg to the mix. While preparing the hot chocolate, sprinkle a pinch of these warm spices and let them simmer over the campfire. The subtle, aromatic flavors of the spices will complement the chocolatey goodness and bring a delightful depth to your comforting drink. This simple addition will transform your regular hot chocolate into a festive and flavorful treat, perfect for chilly nights around the campfire.

2. Marshmallow Mania

Create a roasted marshmallow concoction by toasting a couple of large marshmallows over the campfire until they are perfectly golden and gooey. Next, drop these toasted marshmallows directly into your hot chocolate. Let them melt and swirl into the drink, adding a rich, creamy texture and an extra layer of sweetness. This twist on the classic hot cocoa with marshmallows infuses the hot chocolate with the campfire classic toasted marshmallow flavor, providing a fun and interactive experience for everyone gathered around the fire. 

3. Mint Cool-Up

Elevate your hot chocolate by infusing it with a refreshing touch of mint. You can either forage for this common herb (if it’s still in season) or bring your own. Add a few sprigs of fresh mint leaves to your hot chocolate while it's warming up over the fire. The minty aroma will blend beautifully with the chocolate, offering a revitalizing and invigorating twist to your classic hot drink. This delightful combination creates a cozy yet refreshing beverage, perfect for enjoying under the starlit sky. 

4. Cocoa-nut Cream

Upgrade your hot chocolate by incorporating creamy coconut milk. Mix in a small amount of coconut milk while preparing your hot chocolate to infuse it with a tropical undertone to remind you of better times and warmer climes! The subtle sweetness and richness of the coconut milk will complement the chocolate, creating a lusciously smooth and indulgent drink that feels like a comforting hug in a mug on a cold camping night. 

5. Nutella Nights

Add a dollop of hazelnut spread, such as Nutella, to your pre-mixed hot chocolate for a delectable nutty flavor. Stir in a spoonful of Nutella into each cup of hot chocolate and watch as it melts into the drink, imparting a luxurious hazelnut richness that blends harmoniously with the chocolate. This recipe brings a delightful nutty twist to your hot chocolate, turning it into a delightful and indulgent campfire treat that's sure to be a hit among fellow campers. 

Bonus Hot Chocolate Cooking Tip!

If you’re a serious back-country camper or overnight backpacker and are looking to keep your weight down, try making hot cocoa using the Calvin Method! This ancient technique is the best way to enjoy a sweet treat with minimal effort. To follow the Calvin method, simply purchase a hot chocolate mix from any grocery retailer. When it comes time to mix your cocoa, simply boil some water over the fire, then tear open the packet. Once you have the packet open wide, carefully pour a little hot water into the packet to get a good, comfortable grip. These hot cocoa packets are made with insulated material for this reason! Pour until you have the desired amount of liquid, hold the bag closed, shake, and drink! While you might not get as much liquid using this method, you’re guaranteed to get a sweet reward! it’s great for those not wanting to contaminate their water bottles as well, as the only receptacle you’ll need is the pouch itself.  

So whether you’re looking to create the best hot chocolate twists of all time or simply need a quick dessert on the go, try these campfire hot chocolate recipes and become the envy of your group! And while you’re out adventuring, don’t forget to check out Renlicon’s comprehensive lineup of outdoor products, such as the Renlicon Portable Fire Pit. This transportable campfire companion lays flat for easy storage and comes with rope-carrying handles for convenience. Don’t leave home without it on your next outdoor adventure!  

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