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Camping is on the rise, younger people and pets are getting more involved, and technology is finding its place in the great outdoors. If you plan to hit the road on a camping trip this year, here are some trends to look out for that could help or hinder your outdoor adventure.

Virtual Tours

Planning your camping trip has never been easier. You can order everything you need online without leaving the house and scout places to camp online. 

Satellite views will give you pictures of the area. You can zoom down and get coordinates within a few meters of where you plan to sleep. These views also let you scan the terrain for things like creeks, ponds, and the nearest place to get supplies. During your online research, take the time to read reviews from other campers – you’ll gain valuable insight that the campground website probably won’t provide for you.

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A lot of people take items on their camping trips they do not really need. It can be easy to do, especially when camping, because you may worry you won’t have something you need or want and won’t necessarily have the convenience of a store nearby. But if you’re not careful, you’ll end up bringing items that will just be more for you to pack, organize and keep track of. Instead, consider the camping accessories you are better off leaving behind when you head out to go on your camping trip.


This includes perfume, colognes, and scented lotions. You can make an exception for things like insect repellant designed to keep the bugs away. The problem with perfumes and scents just for the smell is some of these attract the bugs you want to keep at bay. 

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A well-stocked first-aid kit is an essential part of any camping gear. You never know when you might need it and being prepared can mean the difference between a minor inconvenience and a full-blown medical emergency.

As you prepare your camping gear for the season, here’s what you should include in your kit:

1. Adhesive Bandages

Adhesive bandages are one of the most basic and essential items in any first aid kit. They can be used to cover and protect cuts and scrapes, as well as to hold on a bandage or wrap.

2. Antiseptic Wipes

Antiseptic wipes are another must-have for camping first aid kits. They can be used to clean wounds and help prevent infection.

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Wherever you live in the United States, you're not too far from one of the country's 63 National Parks. The 85 million acres of National Park Service land is scattered across the nation, federally protected, and operated by the National Park Service. Within the borders of these parks are some of the most impressive geological and natural beauty you will ever see.

It's an opportunity to visit one National Park, however, if you were to see them all, it would take you months. The way to get the most from a trip to one of America's gorgeous National Parks is to plan. Whether you intend to spend one night or several weeks camping, having reservations before you arrive will ensure you have a campsite.

Make Campsite Reservations Before Visiting

There are many ways to select a National Park to see, and you may want to visit a particular one due to its features and location.

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Eating outdoors is among the most memorable parts of camping. However, if you’re camping kitchen is not set up correctly, cooking meals can be the most annoying part of camping.  This article will discuss several tips on keeping your kitchen organized, clean, and hassle-free while cooking delicious meals at your campsite.

Decide Where to Put Your Camping Kitchen

First, you should decide where to set up your camping kitchen. The place should be:

  • In less high-traffic areas. It should not be in places like close to the car or right in front of the tent.
  • Near to where you’ll sit to eat
  • Have a natural shade or wind block, especially if you don’t have a kitchen tent
  • On flat ground

Pro Tip: Be sure to prep your camping equipment before the first trip of the season!

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