What You Need For Your Next Friends and Family BBQ

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What You Need For Your Next Friends and Family BBQ

The end of summer is upon us, but there is still time to spend outdoors on the weekend before the weather turns cold. While lots of people spend weekends camping, you can skip the planning and packing of all your camping equipment and host a friends and family barbecue instead!

What to Prep

The key to an enjoyable friends and family barbecue is to prep ahead of time so you can relax and enjoy your company. Organize all your supplies in one place by utilizing the Out-In-About Box a simple and compacted way to store all your supplies and equipment for your family barbeque. But first, you need a plan!

  • Decide on your barbecue menu – are you going to go the more traditional route by throwing some burgers and hot dogs on the barbecue, play the long game by smoking some ribs, or try something new by grilling a pizza? Once you decide your main course then you can plan the sides accordingly.
  • Gather supplies – keep it simple by buying paper goods (plates and napkins) and disposable cups and utensils. Organize utensils and use plastic storage bins, then place them in the Out-In-About Box to grab later for setup.
  • Plan some games – backyard games that are fun with a group such as Cornhole, KanJam, Spikeball or other lawn games give guests something to do and are just fun and entertaining to watch.

Whether you’ll be hosting a backyard barbecue or taking a daytrip, having all your barbecue supplies and games organized in one place will make the day a breeze.

What to Grill

Just about anything tastes good fresh off the grill in the great outdoors or at a backyard barbecue, but here are a couple of sample menus if you need inspiration!

Traditional Barbecue:

  • Chips and dip
  • Lemonade
  • Hamburgers, hot dogs or chicken
  • Potato Salad or Pasta Salad
  • Corn on the Cob
  • Coleslaw
  • Watermelon
  • Strawberry Shortcake

Non-Traditional Barbecue

  • Caprese Bites
  • Raspberry Iced-Tea
  • Grilled Pizza
  • Grilled Watermelon
  • Nicoise Salad
  • Cauliflower Quinoa Salad
  • S’mores Board

Tips to Keep it Simple

  • Cut up the fruit or any veggies the night before
  • Make any salad the night before
  • Ask guests to bring a side
  • Ask guests to bring their own beverage
  • Eat picnic style
  • Ask guests to bring their own chairs or blankets
  • Be clear on how long the grilling will take

Tips to Make it Classy

  • Use decorative plastic tablecloths
  • Place a bouquet of flowers on the table
  • Make a playlist to play over a Bluetooth speaker
  • Set up tables and chairs for seating
  • Make the games a friendly competition
  • Give a door prize away

What to Keep in Mind

While you’re busy planning the menu, guest list and activities, don’t forget to stay safe with these barbecue tips from Weber:

For Gas Models:

  • Check for leaks!
    • Whenever changing or disconnecting an LP tank, perform a leak check when the tank is reconnected.   A simple soapy water solution applied to the connection is all you need.  With the control knobs off, turn on the tank. If bubbles form, DO NOT USE THE GRILL!  There is a gas leak. Try a different tank!
  • Brush the burner tubes!
    • Using a clean Weber stainless steel brush, brush across the portholes to clear all oxidation and debris from the ports.  Do not brush lengthwise, as that may push more into the holes.  Blocked portholes can cause a back flash fire.
  • Check the cookbox!
    • Excess grease can collect on the sides of the cookbox over time.  Grease is flammable!   Use a plastic scraper to push all grease into the bottom tray (grease tray).
  • Clean out the bottom tray (grease tray)!
    • Use a plastic scraper to push all of the excess grease into the catch pan. Again, grease is flammable!
    • Empty the catch pan and toss the aluminum catch pan liner!
    • Replace the catch pan liner. Remember, grease is flammable!

For Charcoal Models:

  • Clean out all ashes!
    • Empty all ashes and unburnt charcoal from the bowl and ash catcher before you grill. Your charcoal will burn easier, and no burning ash will end up outside the grill.     

These simple tips take only a few minutes, will keep you worry-free and give you lots more time to enjoy your guests!

Remember, the key is to prep ahead of time and have a moveable storage solution that allows you to organize and store your gear. That’s where the Out-In-About Box™ comes in handy and doesn’t have to be used just for camping equipment!

Make your barbecue memorable with family and friends by staying prepared, safe and organized!

Out-In-About Box™