The Complete Guide to Beach Camping: How to Plan and Pack Like a Pro

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The Complete Guide to Beach Camping: How to Plan and Pack Like a Pro

If you’re looking for a unique spring break experience, try planning a family camping trip to one of the many seaside National or State Parks around the United States. Falling asleep to the crashing of waves, and sun-bathing on golden sand beaches is a wonderful way to spend time in nature, but if you decide to go this route during the spring break season, you ought to make sure you’re adequately prepared for camping on the coast. 

Despite the unique benefits, camping by the ocean presents some unique challenges that you won’t find in any other locale. While you may need more gear to survive in sub-zero temperatures, beach campers would be wise to consider a few important points before pitching their tent in the sand. Continue reading below for the complete guide to beach camping like a pro! 

Pack The Right Tent

The most important piece of equipment is your tent. Make sure to invest in a sturdy and spacious tent that can withstand the windy conditions on the beach. While it may not seem like a very important consideration, you need to consider the high velocity winds and constant thunderstorms that occur in coastal areas. If you find yourself unprepared for these factors, it could make for a miserable night. 

On the flip side, tropical weather can be quite miserable when you don’t have a reprieve from the elements. We recommend a tent with mesh windows and doors for proper ventilation during the hot summer months.

Camping Accessories 

Along with your tent, you’ll want to make sure you have all the essentials to make your beach camping trip stress-free. For camping chairs, make sure you choose ones that are lightweight, and easy to pack. Don't underestimate the importance of having a comfortable place to sit and relax after a day of beach activities. 

To make sure everyone is comfortable and happy you’ll want to pack plenty of sunscreen, hats, and sunglasses to protect your family from the harmful UV rays. Sunscreen should be reapplied at least every two hours. This is especially true if you’ve been sweating or swimming. Also, bring enough water to keep everyone hydrated, especially during the hot summer months.

Cooking Stove/Fire Pit

When camping on the beach you won’t have access to hookups, and you typically don’t have access to prebuilt fire pits, so you’ll need to pack a way to cook your meals. A portable stove or a portable fire pit that is easy to pack and set up is a must-have. The trick is making sure that you choose the one that fits not only your camp cooking needs but is also accepted where you camp. Make sure you check the regulations of the National or State Park you’re staying at to ensure you’re complying with all of their rules and regulations. While there likely isn’t a risk of starting a forest fire, there might be protected dune areas around your campsite that should be protected. Likewise, building a campfire is not always acceptable, as it pollutes the campsite with soot and ashes. Check the Visit USA Parks website to ensure you’re following guidelines if staying at a National Park.

If you find your campsite does allow small fires, consider bringing a portable fire pit like our U.S. made, stainless steel, Portable Fire Pit. This easily transportable, durable fire pit can provide a safe and contained space for your fire without the hassle of having to gather stones or lug a bulky iron fire pit around with you. Made with collapsible sides and rubber handles, our Portable Fire Pit is perfectly designed to outfit your next beach camping adventure. 

Additional Cooking Gear

You’ll also want to make sure you pack cooking utensils, such as a spatula, tongs, can opener, and don't forget plates, cups, and utensils for everyone in your group. A cooler is also essential to keep your food and drinks fresh and cold during your trip. If you find yourself staying more than a day or two, you might have to forgo cold beverages, as ice will likely melt after one or two days unless you have a heavy-duty cooler. Remember that the water you’re camping next to will likely provide cooler temperatures for your beverages if beach camping in the springtime.  

Camping Storage Containers 

Finally, let's talk about storage boxes for camping. Organization is key to a stress-free camping trip, and storage boxes can help you keep your gear organized and accessible. Our Out-In- About Box™ is the perfect organization accessory for you spring break beach camping expedition. As a leader in family camping, we at Renlicon make our 100% U.S. made camping accessories with your family in mind. A family camping trip can be an exercise in logistics on par with Amazon and UPS. With our Out-In-About Box™, you won’t have to worry about leaving anything behind, as it can now all be stored in one place!

Another important consideration when camping by the ocean is to pack a waterproof container for your valuables, such as your phone and wallet. Salt water can corrode batteries in electronics like cell phones, laptops, and cameras. If you have gear that you don’t want to get wet, make sure you have the proper waterproof containers to store them in. 


Beach camping can be a fantastic experience if you have the right gear and plan accordingly. If you want to get the best experience out of beach camping; however, don’t forget to pack essential items. With proper planning and preparation, you too can beach camp like a pro!


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