RV Organization Ideas to Keep Your Camping Gear Secure While on the Road

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RV Organization Ideas to Keep Your Camping Gear Secure While on the Road

When traveling and living in a small space, everything needs a place, otherwise you may end up at your campsite without an essential item. Using a checklist to take stock of the contents of your RV is a practice you should start as soon as you purchase one. You especially need a list if there are several people on board traveling with you. A checklist will help you get the gear and groceries you need for the campsite. Once you have your items, you’ll need a way to make sure they’re organized and secure while you’re on the road.

RV Organization Ideas — Containers That Make RV'ing Easier

The items you load on your RV must be secure so they don’t fly about as you travel. You must also organize your camping gear to find what you need without looking everywhere! The following are items that will help you tackle this task:

  • Plastic bins/clear or color-coded in various sizes
  • Duffel Bags
  • Lidded buckets
  • Hooks
  • Towel bars
  • Bungee cords

These items will help you secure your camping gear and keep it organized. For example, storing clothes in duffel bags means they can be stowed in your sleeping area of the RV or tossed into the basement of the RV.

Organizing Your RV’s Inside and Outside Kitchens

Whether your RV has an outside kitchen or not, setting up an outdoor kitchen for grilling and serving a meal is another RV organization challenge. An outside kitchen should have gear dedicated to the task, like the Out-In-About Box, to provide a simple storage solution that also acts as an outdoor kitchen.

An outdoor kitchen should also have dedicated storage for the utensils you need for grilling and cooking, such as:

  • Tongs
  • Spatula
  • Dish towels
  • Plates
  • Flatware
  • Plastic or paper cups
  • Hand mitts
  • Enamelware coffee pot

And anything else you are accustomed to cooking with an go camping with you. If you organize, use a checklist, and give it some thought, you can be as comfortable at your campsite as you are at home.

Organizing Groceries in Your RV's Kitchen

If you’re traveling with a large group or for weeks at a time, the food may not fit in your kitchen cabinets. You’ll need to store items in air-tight containers and even coolers if the fridge in your RV is too small to hold everything you need for your trip.

Trying planning in advance by stocking your RV kitchen with the items and ingredients you’ll need of the next 3 to 4 meals, then storing items for later use in lidded buckets, totes, and clear plastic bags, and placing them in your RV's basement. Make sure you don’t leave ingredients just laying out on the countertops or unsecured in the fridge. Try small plastic storage bins in the fridge to avoid a messy spill caused by too much shifting during travel.

RV Organization of Basement Storage

The basement of RVs is used to store items you hook up to utilities, your generator, and other camping gear. Mandatory items include a heavy-duty power cord, a water hose, and a black water hose. Other things you will find in an RV basement are a generator, extra house batteries, inverters, and other gear and RV systems not wanted inside.

RV stuff that you need to secure in this list may require larger bins, bungee cords, and hose and cord reels. Hose reels are the easiest way to store water hoses and power cords; containers will work for sewer hoses. However, there are RV bumpers where these smelly hoses are kept away from the rest of your unit.

Alternative storage methods exist if your RV does not have a storage bumper for your sewer hose. Many people who own RVs will install a section of PVC in the basement that you can slide the hose into for storage. As for other items in the sewer kit, you need things to keep the area clean, and this storage needs to be dedicated to that purpose, if possible.

Other items you need to secure can be hung from basement roofs like paddles, paddleboards, fishing rods, and other things. In your RV's basement, you can also store outdoor equipment, like disc golf equipment, horseshoes, lawn chairs, and an outside dining table.

Securing Your RV Generator

In the case of securing your generator, you need to bolt it to a section of the RV basement floor or in a unit designed to secure and protect this expensive piece of equipment. The Gen Den™ can keep your generator secure, protect it from the elements, and make it quieter. Generators come in different sizes, and these storage units do, too.

Equipped with a vent fan and exhaust port, the Gen Den™ will keep your gen-set secure and quiet and your generator gets protection in your RV's basement storage area.

When you choose to organize your belongings in your RV, remember that every item needs to be secure behind a cabinet door, a storage area, or strapped down. If it’s not, it may fly out at you during hard braking or an unusual maneuver.

With a thought-out checklist gone over with your family or camping friends, you can get organized and ensure that your RV is secure and stocked adequately for your upcoming outdoor adventure.