Resurrecting Family Fun: Ideas for an Easter Camping Adventure

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Resurrecting Family Fun: Ideas for an Easter Camping Adventure

Trying to figure out what to do over the long Easter weekend this April? We’ve got a few ideas.

Over this coming Easter weekend gather up the whole family and enjoy the natural beauty of the great outdoors. Whether you’re celebrating religiously or secularly, this long weekend is the perfect time to get the family together and enjoy each other’s company around an open fire. Don’t get sucked in by the allure of screens and electronic devices this spring. Instead, get the family out of the house to enjoy some nature. Here are a few ideas for ways you can resurrect some family fun without screens during the Easter season!

Easter egg hunt

Of course, we had to begin with the classic American Easter activity. What better way to celebrate Easter than with an egg hunt? Hide Easter eggs around your campsite and let your kids go on a scavenger hunt to find them. You can even create a map to make it more interesting. If your kids are older, you can get creative by making it a bit more challenging and competitive. For example, adding some cash prizes or gamifying the hunt can raise the stakes for angsty teenagers!

Campfire storytelling

If you’re celebrating this holiday religiously, this might be the perfect time and place to read Bible stories together and observe this resurrection holiday. If you aren’t religious, then simply use this time to gather around the campfire, using our Portable Fire Pit, and tell family stories. This is a great way to bond with your family and create memories that will last a lifetime.


Easter brunch picnic

To host a bountiful Easter brunch, set up a picnic table or blanket and have an Easter-themed brunch with your family. You can bring along traditional Easter foods like hot cross buns, deviled eggs, and ham. Or come up with your own Easter-inspired dishes. Don't forget to bring along some fresh fruit, juices, or mimosas for the celebratory brunch!

Egg dyeing

For this timeless Easter activity, bring along some hard-boiled eggs and store bought egg dyeing kits. Or for a more outdoorsy approach, try foraging for leaves and flowers and use natural materials for dyes such as coffee grounds and boiled red cabbage to create beautiful nature-inspired eggs. You can customize unique designs and patterns using different colors and techniques. Make sure to bring gloves and newspaper to protect your hands and campsite equipment.

Easter cookie decorating

Bring along some sugar cookies, icing, and Easter-themed cookie cutters for a fun and tasty activity with your family. You can decorate the cookies in different colors and patterns, and even add some sprinkles or other decorations to make them more festive. Once you finish decorating, you can bake the cookies over an open fire! This is a great activity that can be done at your camp site, and the cookies can be enjoyed as a sweet treat or given as Easter gifts to your camping neighbors.

Easter crafts & games

Get creative and enjoy some Easter-themed crafts and games with your family. You can create paper or felt Easter decorations, make bunny ear headbands, or paint Easter-themed rocks. Games are also a great way to involve the entire crew. Try this one out! Blindfold the participant and set plastic eggs filled with prizes on the ground. See how many can be scooped into an Easter basket using a spatula. At the end of all the timed rounds, see who collected the most loot.

Easter basket making

Bring along some crafts or use natural materials like twigs, dried grass, and leaves to weave your very own Easter baskets together. Then, fill them with Easter treats like chocolates, marshmallows, and other small gifts. Though it might be time consuming, learning how to hand-weave a basket out of raw materials like this can be a really rewarding skill to learn. Try it with more patient members of the family and see if you can create something beautiful!

Sunrise service

Wake up early on Easter Sunday and hold a sunrise service with your family. You can find a local service or create your own in a secluded spot in nature. Spend time in the scriptures or simply sharing a collective moment of silence and meditation. This is a great way to start your day with gratitude and reflection.


There are a million ways to make your Easter camping experience a memorable one. The important thing is that you use this time to gather with those you love most, enjoy the beauty of creation, and spend time reflecting on the important things in life. Don’t let this holiday weekend pass you by without taking advantage of spring weather and the joyful companionship of friends and family.


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