Portable Fire Pit Safety Tips To Follow Around The Campfire

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Portable Fire Pit Safety Tips To Follow Around The Campfire

Your campfire can be considered the soul of your campsite. It’s like the hearth of a home, a place to gather, to enjoy warmth, to swap stories, and to cook.



Some of the best memories are formed around the campfire with friends and family. In the mornings as you stoke the fire and bring it to life again, or in the evenings as you recap the day’s adventures while cooking dinner over the open flame, it’s symbolic of the camping experience and provides a place to be without having to do anything aside from visit. 



A portable fire pit is a great way to make your campfire even more homey, clean, and safe. Yet, with any fire-related activity or product, safety measures must be taken to ensure that everyone has a great time with less risk. 



Portable Fire Pit Safety Tips 

  • Sometimes less is more. A portable pit for your campfire can be convenient, attractive, and increase fire safety for the whole area but remember that you should not overload the pit with wood, use less and feed it as needed as opposed to putting a ton in to start. 
  • Never add an accelerant. An accelerant such as lighter fluid could easily make the fire too big to be contained within the pit. This could warp your portable fire pit, cause the heat from the fire to harm your RV, tent, or other buildings, or even cause an emergency. 
  • Only burn appropriate items. There are many brands of fire logs made to be burned in a portable pit and most campgrounds offer firewood. Do not throw in camp trash or other items because non-wood material burns less reliably and sometimes hotter causing possible danger. 
  • Never store your fire pit in your RV or vehicle with any hot debris inside. Always make sure your fire pit is empty and clean before you store it. This may seem obvious, but you may be surprised at the reports of people who left their coals for the next place because they were mostly cooled, just to find themselves in calamity. 
  • Do not leave your fire pit unattended while burning. It may be tempting to feel like your fire is safer than a ground fire, this is true, but it still needs to be supervised while burning just like any other campfire. 
  • Place your fire pit in a safe location. Do not put it underneath tree limbs or over high grass. Ideally, it may fit right in the designated spot for campfires if you are in a campground, on a concrete slab if not too close to the RV, or in a clear area with no ground debris if you are in the wild. 
  • Keep fire safety equipment on hand. A fire extinguisher may never be needed, but if the time comes when you need it you’ll be relieved that is on hand. If your site has a hose, make sure that it can reach the fire area and practice the time it takes to grab it and turn it on. 

Environmental Safety Tips While Using a Portable Fire Pit

  • Dispose of the insides of your fire pit as you would a campfire. Do not toss hot coals or ashes into the wood line or woods. The risk of a forest fire is high if campers toss their portable fire debris into the brush when they are ready to pack up. 
  • Do not burn trash or other debris in your fire pit. It may be tempting to throw your soda box or hot dog bun bag into the fire and watch it "disappear”, but it can actually cause nasty smells in your site and damage to the side of your pit from the melted plastic. 
  • Do not transport wood between campgrounds, especially if the campgrounds are miles apart. Countless critters can live in firewood, and it should not be transported across distances it would not naturally travel. 

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