Must-Have RV Camping Accessories

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Must-Have RV Camping Accessories

There was a time when camping meant braving the elements with nothing but your trusty hammock, tent, and sleeping bag. Today, countless camping accessories can make camping even more fun. Preparing for RV camping may seem like a daunting task. You'll have so much equipment to pack that it's easy to get overwhelmed and not know where to begin. You might even forget the important stuff, ruining your RV camping adventure.

If you're preparing for RV camping, here’s a comprehensive list of all accessories you'll want to include in your list.

Power Station

With a power station, you can ensure that your electronic devices are always powered up. Power stations usually contain lithium batteries, which means they're safe to use inside your rig.

RV Power Cord

This is for powering the RV's outlets and charging your RV batteries to ensure you're powered throughout your camping period.

Phone Signal Booster

A phone signal booster will help you get excellent reception on your cell phone, even when you're out in the wilderness. 

GPS Device

A GPS device is a great gadget to find your way around unfamiliar territory. It can also help you get back on track if you’re lost. Most campers rely on a smartphone as it has a GPS app that works as a GPS device. The only limitation of using your phone is that it's not made to withstand the harsh outdoor weather. Also, your phone battery may dry up before you return to your camp. 

LED Lights

Even though newer models of RVs come with enough lights, it's good to carry extra to use outside if you feel that the RV's exterior lights are not enough.

Power Bank

You can take all your favorite devices without worrying about running out of battery power with a power bank.

Surge Protector

A surge protector helps prevent accidental sparks because of voltage surges or lightning strikes that could cause a fire while you're camping.

Portable Generators

They provide you with the convenience of plugging in and powering anything without worrying about where the nearest power outlet is. To enjoy a quiet environment, remember to carry a Gen Den™ cover box to dampen the noise from the generator. It ensures that you and your neighbors sleep peacefully without worrying about the generator's noise.

Portable Solar Panels 

Solar panels could be the perfect answer for powering your electronics while camping. But only if your rig doesn't already have solar panels built into its exterior and there isn't an electrical outlet available in the camping location.


A compass is an essential tool to help you get back to the campsite. It also enables you to navigate through unfamiliar terrain.

First Aid Kit 

Sometimes, camping may result in injuries such as cuts, sprains, insect bites, and allergies. Having a first aid kit during your camping will help ensure that everyone has what they need in an emergency. It's good to ensure that you have all the items in the kit.

Sewer Tank Deodorizer

Fresh air in your RV is vital and having a sewer tank deodorizer helps keep the air odor-free. 

Leveling Blocks/Jack Pads

Leveling blocks help stabilize your RV on uneven surfaces or soft ground. You can also interlock the blocks to increase the height of your RV.


An awning protects you from the sun, rain, and wind. You can use it as a living room when camping.

Utility Knife

A utility knife is a crucial tool that has several uses around the camp. It's great for cutting rope, slicing open packages, and performing other basic cutting tasks.

RV Hitch Lock

Although most campers don't see the importance of this camping accessory, an RV hitch lock is essential to give you some peace of mind, knowing that your RV is secure.

Water Filter

Water may be available at campgrounds, but it may not be safe to drink. Therefore, it's good to include a water filter in your camping gear. Also, ensure you purify your water by boiling or using tablets/chemicals for safe drinking water.

Water Pressure Regulator

It regulates the water pressure from a tank or pump to a lower, more manageable pressure. If the water has high pressure, it can damage the plumbing system of your RV.

Water Hose

A water hose will help you maintain your campsite by washing off dirt and mud from your RV. It also helps to refill your drinking tanks with fresh water. 

Pop-up Shower Curtain

Pop-up shower curtains are a great way to add privacy and comfort to your RV's shower, especially if you're camping with your kids.

RV-Specific Toilet Paper 

RV-specific toilet paper is made of materials that break down easily to ensure they don't clog up the plumbing system when flushed.


A flashlight helps you find your way around the campsite at night. You can also use it to signal for help in an emergency at night. 

Screen-Door Handle

Suppose you've not installed this bar; it's high time to do so. A screen-door handle is a handy solution that allows you to open and close the door of your camper easily without having to touch the screen. It also acts as a screen protector.

Kitchen Equipment

Kitchen equipment is essential when camping. However, if you forget one item, such as a knife, you may look for the nearest store, which might be miles away. The Out-In-About Box™ helps you organize your kitchen supplies. It also enables you to remember most things you need from the kitchen since you're putting them in one place.

Take Away

Now that you know all the accessories you need to make your RV camping experience worthwhile, it's easy to pack for your next adventure. Whether you're a first-timer or a pro camper, download our Essential Camping Checklist so you don’t forget a thing!

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