How to Organize a Camping Kitchen

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How to Organize a Camping Kitchen

Eating outdoors is among the most memorable parts of camping. However, if you’re camping kitchen is not set up correctly, cooking meals can be the most annoying part of camping.  This article will discuss several tips on keeping your kitchen organized, clean, and hassle-free while cooking delicious meals at your campsite.

Decide Where to Put Your Camping Kitchen

First, you should decide where to set up your camping kitchen. The place should be:

  • In less high-traffic areas. It should not be in places like close to the car or right in front of the tent.
  • Near to where you’ll sit to eat
  • Have a natural shade or wind block, especially if you don’t have a kitchen tent
  • On flat ground

Pro Tip: Be sure to prep your camping equipment before the first trip of the season!

Create Specific Spaces

Organize your camping kitchen by defining spaces clearly so that everyone knows where to go when they need something. This will avoid burrowing through bag after bag, leaving a mess behind.

For instance, establish a cooking area. The cooking area is supposed to be where the camp stove is. You can keep cooking utensils, oil, extra propane, or anything else you require there.

It makes it easier for you to cook while others come and go and guarantees that everything you require for cooking is within reach so that you don’t need to search for it each time you light the stove.

Position Items Correctly

After defining spaces, think about how you position your items. Keep those you use most at eye level, and those that you use less a bit further away.

If possible, you should keep your camping stove on a strong, stable table. It’s generally a bad idea to place your stove on the ground. You’ll not only have to hunch over uncomfortably to cook, but it’s a safety hazard. Kids, dogs, or careless adults can walk into your stove and get hurt.

Label Containers and Coolers

Camping kitchens usually get disorganized with too many storage containers, coolers, bags, and other miscellaneous camping accessories. 

Save time, energy and avoid stress by labeling all items you bring — for example, vegetable bag, breakfast cooler, snack bag, meat cooler, dinner bag.

This will make it easy for you and others you’re camping with because you’ll have less stressful situations and mess around you. 

Use Storage Bins

Plastic or metal storage bins come in handy for keeping your camping equipment organized, clean and safe.

This portable Out-In-About Box™ is a storage container that can help you organize all your camping accessories for the kitchen in one safe and easy-to-carry camping box.

The Out-In-About Box™ is the ideal storage solution for RVers, campers, and anybody who requires an organized, portable space to store camping equipment. 

Its aluminum made with rubber grip handles for easy carrying. The Out-In-About Box™ is simple to assemble and comes with comprehensive instructions.

Get Multi-Purpose Cookware

Multi-purpose cookware is the way to go when camping. Forbes writes:

According to Michael van Vliet co-founder of Fresh Off the Grid, an outdoor cooking website, you can cook just about anything outdoors with two simple pieces of equipment: a 10-inch iron skillet and a Dutch oven. He says those are the MVP pieces of equipment that every campfire chef should throw into his or her backpack on the way to the great outdoors.

If you’re worried about the camping equipment you use for cooking taking up too much space or weighing too much, consider getting a frying pan with a portable handle if it doesn’t work for you. 

A billy pot is also another well-designed multi-purpose that can boil water for making tea, heat water to clean dishes, make pasta sauce, or boil spaghetti!

Bring Tubs or Drawers

It doesn’t matter how organized you are, inevitable your camping kitchen will still become messy without drawers, storage spaces, and a counter.

There are numerous tubs and drawers on the market, and each provides something different. Here, you store your food, oversized cooking utensils, and camping accessories such as toilet paper and tissues.

Whatever you choose to use for storage in your camping kitchen, ensure that they can be tightly shut. It will help keep insects, dust, or birds out of your food.

Go Minimalist

A camping kitchen can become disorganized quickly and the last thing you want to do is spend your time organizing and cleaning up your kitchen area. Be as minimalist as possible by bringing only one mug, cup and place setting per person, not buying groceries in bulk, planning meals ahead of time that require the same pieces of kitchen equipment and asking yourself what you really need before packing.

Don’t wait to do the dishes after the sun has gone down. It will be difficult to see, the food will stick and be harder to clean, and you might have critters swarming all over them. Do them as soon as you finish eating!

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Whether you’re in an RV, camper trailer, tent, or staying in a cabin, you’ll need to think about cooking. 

Being able to cook while you’re camping also means that you must take the camping equipment you need. Cooking at the campsite can be fun, but only if you are prepared, organized, and have the essential gear.

When you organize your camping kitchen well, you don’t worry about the mess. Instead, you’ll have a wonderful time relaxing, cooking for your family and friends and making it memorable with good food!