Camping Trends to Pay Attention to in 2022

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Camping Trends to Pay Attention to in 2022

Camping is on the rise, younger people and pets are getting more involved, and technology is finding its place in the great outdoors. If you plan to hit the road on a camping trip this year, here are some trends to look out for that could help or hinder your outdoor adventure.

Virtual Tours

Planning your camping trip has never been easier. You can order everything you need online without leaving the house and scout places to camp online. Satellite views will give you pictures of the area. You can zoom down and get coordinates within a few meters of where you plan to sleep. These views also let you scan the terrain for things like creeks, ponds, and the nearest place to get supplies. During your online research, take the time to read reviews from other campers – you’ll gain valuable insight that the campground website probably won’t provide for you.

Unique Campgrounds

While every state has plenty of National Parks where you can pitch a tent, a lot of people are turning to private campgrounds. These places are generally less crowded and offer things you can’t find in state parks.

One of the top sites to help you discover unique camping spots is Hipcamp. You pay a small fee and get access to property that few people may ever get to see. Be sure to read the listing carefully because every campsite is not the same. Some places offer only primitive camping, while others have ponds, walking trails, decks, hotubs and Adirondack furniture.

A bonus of many private campgrounds is they can be on farms. You can often buy whatever produce is in season and even pick it yourself after talking to the property owner. Harvest Hosts is a good place to start.

Tech-Friendly Campsites

With the rise in remote work over the last couple of years, people can work from anywhere, so why not work from somewhere with a view? No longer are people forced to book a trip around vacation days or long weekends. According to, sites that provide guests wireless internet can expect to gain the most from this camping trend. Internet-connection database reports that 64% of Americans hunt for campsites with internet access. 

Sustainable Camping

Camping doesn’t have to mean driving for hours to reach a destination. To be more sustainable people are staying close to home and exploring places within a couple hours of where they live. This helps reduce their carbon footprint with fewer CO2 emissions en route. Other ways to stay eco-friendly include using stainless steel camping accessories for your camp kitchen, multi-purpose certified organic and biodegradable soap, and sleeping bags stuffed with feathers and down from geese and ducks raised on farms that treat animals humanely.

New Generation of Campers

Up until a few years ago, mostly snowbirds and retirees were seen at RV tradeshows. But now, the RV Industry Association reports a significant growth in camping among 18 to 34-year-olds. Thanks to the campervan boom, the ability to work remotely, and a sense of wanderlust after being stuck at home during Covid-19, many younger travelers can camp for a shorter period of time to make it more affordable or simply work from anywhere to fulfill their need for adventure.

Camping at Festivals

Festivals have evolved from Burning Man or Woodstock-style camping to more mainstream topics such as art, music, or brew festivals. In fact, now you can pick just about any idea or theme and chances are pretty good someone has a festival built around it. Camping is a great way to see the show and avoid outrageous hotel fees.

Pet-Friendly Camping

You may think you need to leave your furry friend at home when you go camping, but this is no longer the case. In 2021, seven in 10 Americans planned to travel with their pet and the trend keeps increasing. There are even special campervan rental packages designed specifically for people who want to bring their pets along that include built-in crates and tether leashes to make traveling with your pet even easier. If you’re planning on taking your pet on your next camping trip, make sure to check your destination ahead of time to make sure it’s pet friendly.

Wherever your outdoor adventures take you this camping season, you want to make sure you don’t forget a thing! Download the camping checklist below to make sure you’re organized and ready when you reach your destination.